Dessert Specialty

Brownies Standard

Brownies is the definition of moist and chewiness. Our brownies sets to become The national standard when it come to its presentation quality. Size 7″.

Brownies Extra Drizzle

With extra caramel & nutella drizzle goodness on top. Size 7″.

Devil Food Chocolate Cake No Cheese

Specially made for customer who only wanted to savor the sponginess and softness of the cake. Size 7″.

Red Velvet Full Nutella

Our specialty product for those who wants to indulge into full Nutella experience. Size 7″.

Red Velvet Full Nutella Double Deck

Now doubled. Size 7″.

Nutella Cheese Tart

The manifestation of chocolate richness. Size 7″.

Brownies Mix Nut

The crunchiness from The nuts drizzled on top, combined with the chewiness of the brownies make it the best Choice for those who love both of the world. Size 7″.

Nutella Oat Bar (Gunung Berapi)

It does not contain any egg and mainly made of chocolates cream, oat meals and nuts which makes it a perfect choice for people who has egg-base product intolerance. Size 7″.


Congobar contains premium chocolate chips and it is covered by a thick butter-base dough that was heated at 273 Fahrenheit for specific period to get its crunchy at the same time Buttery texture. Size 7″.

Congobar Extra Drizzle

Now come with extra Nutella drizzle. Size 7″.